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Christmas Tree Safety Tips & Resources

According to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), there was an estimated annual average of 260 home structure fires that began with Christmas trees in 2004-2008. One in 21 of these fires resulted in a death.

The most common causes of Christmas tree-related fires are —

1. Electrical problems

2. A heat source too close to the tree

3. Decorative lights or candles

Fortunately, these types of fires are easy to prevent. Safety steps include —

1. Picking the right tree for your family

2. Placing the tree correctly in your home

3. Keeping live trees watered

4. Lighting the tree safely

5. Disposing of the tree appropriately

At Siegfried & Jensen, we’ve worked with clients who’ve suffered life-long trauma from burn injuries that could have been easily prevented. Don’t let it happen to your family. Visit the NFPA, FEMA, the Home Safety Council, and the National Christmas Tree Association and learn how to keep your tree (and your family) safe from fire.

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