FAQs – Animal Attacks & Dog Bites

What is the “one bite” rule?

In some states, the owner of a dog is not liable for the dog’s first bite. If the dog attacks again, then the owner becomes liable for the dog’s actions.

Should I press charges if my child has been attacked?

If your child is a minor (under 18 years old), you would be the one to press charges. It is the parents’ responsibility to pursue legal action when their child has been hurt.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover dog bite claims?

Yes. Most homeowner’s insurance does cover dog bite claims.

What if the dog owner doesn’t have homeowner’s insurance?

If a dog owner does not have insurance, it may still be possible to pursue a claim.

In some cases, the dog’s owner is not the person responsible for providing monetary compensation to the injured party. For instance, when a dog’s owner rents the property he or she lives in, the owner of the home, not the dog’s owner, should have homeowner’s insurance to cover the dog bite claim.

Are dog owners required to post security signs around their property?

Dog owners are not required to post security signs around their property. However, posting security signs may, in some instances, protect owners from being sued if their dog attacks.

What if I’m attacked by a police dog?

Utah law states that “neither the state nor any county, city, or town in the state nor any peace officer employed by any of them shall be liable in damages for injury committed by a dog when: (1) The dog has been trained to assist in law enforcement, and (2) the injury occurs while the dog is reasonably and carefully being used in the apprehension, arrest, or location of a suspected offender or in maintaining or controlling the public order.” Thus, when a police dog is being used to serve and protect the public, the state is not required to compensate the victim.

How do I know if I have a case?

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