Month: September 2020


Also referred to as a T-bone accident and a broadside crash, a side-impact involves the front of a car hitting the side of another. This collision creates a T-shape, creating the more common name of a “T-bone.” Considering the nature of these accidents, side-impact accidents are extremely common at an intersection. Side impacts are one of the most dangerous kinds of traffic accidents. Our firm has helped many people who were injured in side-impact accidents. …

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Avandia is an oral prescription medication used in treating type 2 diabetes. By making the cells of the body more sensitive to insulin it helps control blood sugar levels. Advandia can be used in combination with insulin or other medications to help your body respond better to its own natural insulin. Avandia is not used to treat type 1 diabetes. According to the FDA Issues Safety Alert dated May 21, 2007, “Safety data from controlled …

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