Benjamin, UT – Pedestrian Accident Leads to Critical Injuries in Woman On UT-147

Benjamin, UT – Pedestrian Accident Leads to Critical Injuries in Woman On UT-147

Benjamin, UT (February 10, 2019) – A woman from Utah County was struck by a vehicle in a pedestrian accident that took place on Thursday night around 6:24 p.m. Police immediately arrived at the scene of the accident.

Police responded to State Route 147 to find that a 50-year-old female had been trying to cross the roadway in a low-light area. The vehicle that struck her was driving the posted speed of 50 mph. The female pedestrian was crossing the street so that she could put out her trash can, which was when she started back across the street and was put in the path of a vehicle.

Police say that the driver stayed at the scene of the crash. Both areas of the roadway were closed down so that police could take a closer look at the accident. The female was in extremely critical condition, according to paramedics.

At this time, the investigation into the accident continues.

We would like to take a moment to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the female who has been critically injured with the hopes that she will make a full recovery. We understand that this can be a difficult time for a family and would like to offer our support.

Pedestrian Accidents in Utah 

Benjamin, UT – Pedestrian Accident Leads to Critical Injuries in WomanEvery year in Utah, up to 30 pedestrians will be killed and many others will be hospitalized due to injuries. Being struck by a vehicle might be one of the most terrifying experiences you will ever endure. Pedestrian accidents tend to lead to catastrophic results due to the fact that pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable parties on our roads. You might be feeling confused and concerned about where to turn if you have been involved in one of these accidents. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can find the right resources to create a case that will work in your favor. Our pedestrian accident attorneys are here in your time of need.

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