I-15, UT – Pedestrian Accident Leaves One in Critical Condition

Legal Options of a Pedestrian After a Car Crash

I-15, UT – Pedestrian Accident Leaves One in Critical Condition

I-15, UT (February 24, 2019) – Pedestrian accidents happen every day on our roads, bringing serious and even fatal results to those involved. This is especially true when a pedestrian accident involves a motor vehicle driver.

Police were called to the scene of a pedestrian accident that caused injuries in one person on Interstate 15 and involved a motor vehicle driver.

Originally, the Utah Highway Patrol investigated and received reports that the pedestrian lost their life at the scene of the accident. However, upon further investigation, it was discovered that the pedestrian received critical injuries and is now in the hospital.

Police are unsure of what caused the two to collide. At this time, they are still investigating the circumstances of the accident.

First and foremost, we would like to take this time to extend our sincere sympathies to the pedestrian who was seriously injured in this accident, with the hopes that they will be able to move forward during this difficult time.

Pedestrian Accidents in Utah

I-15, UT - Pedestrian Accident Leaves One in Critical ConditionUtah saw an increase in pedestrian accident cases over the past few years, which means more measures must be taken to ensure that these accidents decrease on our roadways. In just one year’s time in Utah, 30 pedestrians will lose their lives due to these accidents. Because we understand how traumatic and devastating these accidents can be, we would like to offer our support to those involved in these accidents during this difficult time.

At Siegfried & Jensen, we understand that this is one of the most challenging things that you have ever been through on physical, emotional, and financial levels. If somebody has acted with complete disregard for your life and you believe that you have evidence that they have been negligent, we would like to offer our support and help you understand the ins and outs of your case. Please contact us to find out what we can do for you at (801) 845-9000.


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