Logan, UT – Man in Recovery After Dog Bite to Face on E. 400 South

Logan, UT – Man in Recovery After Dog Bite to Face on E. 400 South

Logan, UT (April 16, 2019) – A Logan resident was injured on Friday, April 12th, when he attempted to pet a dog he had never seen before.

The incident took place 100 East 400 South in the afternoon. The victim stated that he was just getting out of his car when the dog came up to him. The victim then reached out to pet the mixed bred dog when it bit him in the face. Police were able to determine that the dog belonged to a friend of the victim’s roommate. The victim asserted that he had never seen the dog before and it was completely unfamiliar to him.

The victim had to undergo a surgery that lasted 5 hours and involved 300 stitches and one skin graft. Police have not yet determined what the dog’s fate will be.

We wish a full and speedy recovery to the gentleman that was injured during this course of events.

Dog Bites in Logan

Just short of 5 million people across the United States are bitten by animals every single year. The main victims of these sort of animal incidents are usually younger children.

Animal bites of any kind carry the potential to be disastrous and have lasting, possibly even life-long consequences for their victims such as limb amputation, and damage to the muscles and nerves of the affected area. Those bitten by animals can require extensive, ongoing medical treatments and ever suffer from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder after their ordeal.

It is important to note, for safety’s sake, that you should never, ever approach an animal with which you are unfamiliar.

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