Laketown, Utah (February 9, 2019) – According to a report from the Utah Highway Patrol, a deputy from the Rich County Sheriff’s Department is miraculously alive after being struck by a semi-truck along the runaway ramp at Laketown Canyon. Incidentally, the deputy had been sent to investigate another semi-truck accident involving a smaller vehicle in the same area. Based on the report, the second semi-truck driver drove toward the scene and lost control. As a

Do I Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

Posted on November 11, 2018

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If you were injured in a car accident you might be asking yourself “Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?” Despite having many good reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer, many people are uncomfortable talking to a lawyer after an accident. They think the attorney will cost too much money or will take too much of the settlement money that it won’t be worth it. Actually, on average, injured persons with a
Peg Perego issued a recall of about 223,000 strollers on June 24th because of a risk of entrapment and strangulation. The recall involves two different older versions* of the Peg Perego strollers, Venezia and Pliko-P3 (model numbers are printed on a white label on the back of the Pliko P-3′s stroller seat and on the Venezia stroller’s footboard). The strollers were manufactured from January 2004 and September 2007 and sold at various retailers nationwide, including Babies R Us
Sometimes people call us or schedule a consultation and tell us that the incident that caused their injury happened a number of years ago. Unfortunately, if too many years have passed since the injury happened, it may be difficult for us to help because the law sets limits on the time frame in which a person can bring a lawsuit. This limit is called the statute of limitations. Once the statute of limitations has ended, it is usually

3 Myths About Car Accident Claims

Posted on July 11, 2018

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Myth #1: You have to “go to court” or sue someone after a car accident. Almost always, you do not need to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for your auto accident claim. Instead, you or your attorney will open up an insurance claim with the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident. After the claim is open, you deal only with the insurance adjuster to finalize the claim. Nothing is filed with