Salt Lake City, UT – 11-Vehicle Pileup with Injuries Closes I-15 in Bad Weather Conditions

Salt Lake City, UT – 11-Vehicle Pileup with Injuries Closes I-15 in Bad Weather Conditions

Salt Lake City, UT (February 9, 2019) – With horrific February weather taking over many parts of Utah, it is no surprise that accidents will be happening all over the state. One of these involved multiple vehicles and injuries to those involved.

One of the worst crashes that took place during a recent snowstorm this past week was an 11-vehicle pileup that closed the southbound lanes of I-15 near 2300 North in Salt Lake City. The police were immediately called to the scene of the accident to investigate and tend to parties who received injuries.

The accident was so severe that roads were closed for almost two hours. The severity of injuries has not been released but it took police several hours to clear the scene and multiple vehicles were damaged, including motor vehicles and trucks.

Emergency medical responders were called to the scene to tend to all injured parties.

Since snow began falling on Tuesday, state troopers said that approximately 410 crashes have happened so far, many of which led to injuries.

Police continue their investigation of the accident at this time.

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with the aftermath of an accident and would like to support you during this life-changing time in your life. We would like to extend our heartfelt prayers at this time.

Car Accidents in Utah 

Salt Lake City, UT – 11-Vehicle Pileup Closes I-15 in Bad Weather ConditionsThe Utah Highway Safety Office reported that, in 2012 alone, 22,325 people were injured in accidents across the entire state. 243 would lose their lives in these serious accidents that can typically be prevented. After a serious car accident involving multiple parties, determining liability might be one of the most difficult things you endure as you try to prove your claim and gain evidence that will help you at this time. With the help of a car accident attorney, you will be able to develop a strong case for settlement or court and receive the damages you deserve.

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