St. George, UT – Collision on St. George Boulevard Puts Man in Hospital, Dog Okay

St. George, UT – Collision on St. George Boulevard Puts Man in Hospital, Dog Okay

St. George, UT (April 07, 2019) – An accident took place in the westbound lanes of St. George Boulevard on Sunday, April 8th. The crash is reported to have occurred sometime in the early evening.

St. George Police Officers and other emergency personnel were called to the scene of a crash that involved a white Ford passenger car and a brown Buick SUV. Both vehicles were disabled in the middle of an intersection partially obstructing both westbound lanes. The incident happened at the intersection of St. George Boulevard and 200 East.

Preliminary reports would appear to indicate that the Buick was heading north on 200 East while the Ford was on St. George Boulevard traveling west. Upon approaching the intersection, the Buick had the green light and proceeded on through which is when he collided with the Ford whose driver allegedly neglected to stop at a red light.

The driver of one of the vehicles, whose name has not yet been released, sustained several injuries and was transported via ambulance to Dixie Regional Medical Center for medical diagnosis and treatment. His injuries were assessed as non-life threatening.

No injuries were reported by the occupants of the other vehicle, however, one person was trapped inside because the door was smashed in as a result of the accident. Emergency personnel was able to extricate the occupant from the smashed up car. The identity of the people in this second vehicle has also not been released.

A small dog by the name of Oso was also traveling in the car. The pup was reportedly “shaken up, but uninjured.”

According to St. George police, while taking witness statements at the scene of the crash, they received several conflicting reports concerning the specific details of the incident and who did or did not have the green light. As a result, the investigation into this car accident is still ongoing.

We hope the person who was injured in the accident makes a full and speedy recovery.

Accidents Caused by Running Red Lights in St. George

It is perfectly normal for Utah drivers to get the occasional temptation to blow through a red stop light at an intersection. This urge might be especially overwhelming when you are in a hurry or if the stoplight rapidly changes colors. Even though running a red light is a lesser traffic infraction, it still has the power to end suddenly and unexpectedly by way of a tragic car accident.

As stated by Utah’s traffic laws, the fine for not coming to a complete stop at a red light is roughly $120 and you could receive as many as 50 demerit points on your driver’s license.

Another common red light violation is making an illegal turn at a red light. Generally, it is permissible to make a right on red unless there is a traffic sign stating otherwise. Utah also allows left turns on red as long as the two streets are one way only.

Running a red light is one of the main instigators of car accidents. If you or someone you love has been injured because another driver neglected to stop at a red light, the skilled car accident attorneys at Siegfried & Jensen can help you figure out if you have a claim for compensation. If you would like a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your case, then reach out to our reputable Utah car accident attorneys by calling 801-845-9000 and speaking with someone today.

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