Stansbury Park, UT – 3-Year-Old Hospitalized After Fall On Wheatridge Rd

Stansbury Park, UT – 3-Year-Old Hospitalized After Fall On Wheatridge Rd

Stansbury Park, UT (April 5, 2019) – On April 5, around 10:30 a.m., Tooele County Sheriff’s Department assisted in escorting a child victim to an area hospital after a horrific fall.

The incident occurred at a residence located at 473 Wheatridge Road. According to reports, a 3-year-old boy was looking out an upstairs window when he leaned too hard onto the screen. The screen popped out of the frame, causing the young child to fall 14-feet onto a concrete driveway below.

Troopers assisted in getting the boy to the hospital, where he was taken from by helicopter to Primary Children’s Hospital.

Our thoughts and prayers are with this young boy. We pray he is able to make a full recovery from the injuries sustained.

Fall Accidents In Utah

Every week, over 200 people across Utah suffer fall injuries. Sadly, the rate of fall deaths continues to remain steady from year to year. Victims who fall, especially from extreme heights, are at risk of suffering serious and life-threatening injuries.

Victims who suffer fall injuries are often left to go through extensive medical treatment. When victims are small children, it can be truly devastating trying to comfort a child who may be too little to understand what is going on. In addition to dealing with thousands of dollars in medical expenses, parents are often forced out of work to help their children throughout their medical treatment and recovery.

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