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Washington, UT - 2 Hospitalized After Crash on W Telegraph St

Eating While Driving Is Reckless And Dangerous

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 391,000 individuals were injured in car accidents caused by distracted drivers during 2015. In 2016, over 3,450 people lost their lives in automobile accidents caused by drivers who are distracted behind the wheel. Although cellular phones are a leading culprit of distracted driving car accidents, one of the most common [...]

How Much Should I Settle For in a Utah Personal Injury Claim?

How Does Blame Impact Coverage In A Utah Auto Accident?

Automobile accidents can be extremely stressful. This is especially true if you are even the slightest bit concerned that you may be at-fault in some way. You may be second-guessing your actions behind the wheel, causing you to ask yourself several questions to determine what happened. Did you take your eyes off the road for a second to look [...]

The Cost Of Taking Your Case To Court In Utah

Defective Tires Can Be Grounds For A Product Liability Claim In Utah

Drivers often maintain their vehicles by rotating their tires every few months. The constant rotation of the tires allows the wear to distribute evenly. This is a critical part of maintenance, as it ensures the tires do not bald in any spots. Bald spots on tires can cause blowouts that lead to very dangerous situations. Unfortunately, regardless of the amount [...]

Intersection Safety Procedures

How Tailgating Increases The Risk Of Automobile Accidents

Sure by now you have heard someone refer to traffic as being “bumper to bumper.” Unfortunately, riding bumper to bumper is extremely dangerous, especially when it is done at high speeds. When it comes to driving safely on the roadways with others, it is imperative to provide enough space between your vehicle and those ahead of you. Driving too [...]

Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Claims

The Importance Of Seeking Medical Attention After A Car Accident

Car accidents happen suddenly and without notice. Individuals are driving down the roadway one moment, when, the next thing they know, they hear the loud crash of another vehicle hitting theirs, and suddenly they are being jerked around. When accidents happen, victims are often overcome with adrenaline and anxiety. They may feel excruciating pain or they may not know [...]

San Juan County, UT - 1 Dead and Another Severely Injured on US-191

Proving Negligence And Liability After A Car Crash

Being involved in a car accident is often overwhelming for victims. Individuals sustain extensive injuries, thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and are forced out work to deal with their recovery. The sudden nature of accidents often leaves victims unsure of what to do. They need money quickly so they can keep paying their bills, but they may not [...]

Washington County, UT - Unlicensed Teen Driver Seriously Injured In Crash On I-15

Talking With the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

Individuals who are involved in automobile accidents often have various questions regarding their legal obligations and options. What are victims required to do after accidents? How quickly are they required to complete these tasks? Quite often, one of the biggest concerns accident victims have is how and when they should contact the insurance company of the at-fault driver. When victims [...]

Iron County, UT - 3 Injured, 1 Critically, After Pickup Rollover On Horse Hollow Rd

Features And Liability Laws Surrounding Self-Driving Cars

Over the past few years, self-driving cars have become more ubiquitous and widely available to the public. These vehicles go through rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and reliable on the roadways. Unfortunately, like other types of technology, self-driving cars are not without risk. Individuals who own self-driving cars often question whether or not they would be liable for [...]

Working With Your Utah Personal Injury Lawyer

Tips To Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

When referring to car accidents, most people imagine cars or trucks colliding on a busy highway, creating the worst traffic jam of their lives, while involving vehicles going high rates of speed. Unfortunately, car accidents can occur anywhere vehicles drive. Although often overlooked, parking lot accidents happen every day across the country. Children running, vehicles tightly packed into confined spaces, [...]

How To Spot Distracted Drivers Along Utah Roadways

How To Spot Distracted Drivers Along Utah Roadways

No matter how cautious you are behind the wheel, you are still at risk of sustaining injuries in a car accident caused by another driver. Unfortunately, drivers are often distracted while behind the wheel of their vehicle. As a result, others traveling along the same roadways are at an increased risk of becoming involved in a car accident. Thankfully, there [...]