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I Was Injured In An Accident. Can I File Suit Against The At-Fault Party?

I Was Injured In An Accident. Can I File Suit Against The At-Fault Party?

Car Crashes Under the law in Utah, it is required that all motorists carry a no-fault car liability insurance coverage, commonly referred to as Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This essentially means that your own auto insurance provider will cover all expenses that are taken on — except for property damage — no matter who is liable for the incident. You [...]

Pain And Suffering Damages In The State Of Utah

Pain And Suffering Damages In The State Of Utah

What seems like a simple accident can change everything.  You used to spend your off days hiking and climbing in the state of Utah. Angel’s Landing, Inspiration Point, and Kelly’s Rock were some of your favorite spots. Even on a day when you weren’t feeling your best, you were able to climb a 5.13a. Then, everything changed when you slipped [...]

Red Light Car Crashes In Utah

How The Insurance Adjuster Handles Your Utah Personal Injury Claim

Insurance Adjuster Motivation When an insurance adjuster is assigned to a case to investigate the circumstance of a case, they are trying to find out the true value of the claim. They are employed by the insurance provider. This means they are not working for you as an insurance carrier or a car crash victim. They only want to keep [...]

Common Birth Injuries: Cerebral Palsy & Erbs Palsy

The Lawyer’s Process Of Settling A Utah Personal Injury Case

Many cases involving a personal injury claim end up being settled before or during the trial. Only a small number of these cases actually reach the courts and are given a verdict from a jury. There are some key benefits — for both the plaintiff and the defendant — in keeping these lawsuits from going to trial and out [...]

Damages That Can Be Recovered In A Utah Personal Injury Claim

How To Receive Medical Treatment Without Insurance

If you are harmed in a crash and do not have any health insurance coverage, you will likely be concerned with how you are going to cover the costs of your medical treatments. You may be able to receive compensation for your medical costs and other damages after finally settling your personal injury lawsuit, but this could take months [...]

Red Light Car Crashes In Utah

Gathering Evidence For Your Utah Personal Injury Case

Once you are in the process of a legal trial, both sides involved in the suit or their legal representation will begin to gather information regarding the lawsuit. This process of investigation is referred to as “discovery,” because it usually reveals facts and documentation that were unknown beforehand — to at least one side of the case. In most cases, [...]

Kimball Junction, UT - Pedestrian Hit-And-Run At Transit Center Roundabout

Witnesses And Your Utah Personal Injury Claim

When you are injured in an accident, a witness can be extremely valuable when you are making an argument to the insurance provider. Witnesses can describe certain that can potentially confirm your account of the accident, backing up your argument. They also may be able to provide details that you didn’t know about but provide evidence that the defendant [...]

Monticello, UT - 3 Killed & 1 Critically Injured In Head-On Crash On US-191

Necessary Evidence For A Utah Personal Injury Claim

The days directly following an accident can be the most crucial for gathering and preserving evidence of what happened leading up to the incident. The same can be said about documenting any sustained injuries.  Physical Evidence Determining who is responsible for an accident can sometimes be shown by using pieces of “physical evidence, such as something you can touch or see, [...]

Salt Lake City, UT - Man Injured In Hit-And-Run On 132 S 1400 W

Utah Personal Injury Claims and the Burden of Proof

When involved in any personal injury lawsuit, it is the responsibility of the injured party to persuade the judge or jury — maybe even the insurance adjuster — that the defendant is liable for any resulting injuries after an accident. This means that it is the role of the plaintiff to provide evidence of their account of how the [...]

What Is Duty of Care in a Utah Personal Injury Lawsuit?

What Is Duty of Care in a Utah Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you have been involved in a personal injury case, you probably have come across the words “duty of care” and “negligence.” These terms are the cornerstone of nearly every lawsuit that causes injury to someone involved. Here we are going to discuss and examine the legal theory underlying this terminology.  What is the Duty of Care? No matter where you are, [...]