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How Can You Help Make Utah’s Roadways Safer?

In our modern society, we drive our safe cars down even safer roads on a daily basis. Decades of scare campaigns, click it or ticket ads, and general public flogging have succeeded in making most people into safer drivers. The outcome of this is that the United States recorded its lowest ever car accident fatality rate in 2008. In [...]

The Realities of Texting and Driving in Utah

People who make the choice to send and receive texts messages while they are behind the wheel of a car are 23% more likely to be involved in a traffic accident than those who choose to keep their cell phones out of sight while driving. According to recent cell phone data collection, there were eight trillion text messages sent [...]

Spanish Fork, UT - Woman Killed in Multi-Car Crash on US-6 and S 2550 E

Eating Behind the Wheel Can Lead to Car Accidents

The next time you cruise by someone who is using their cell phone while they are driving before you mutter under your breath that they need to put their phone away take a moment and consider if you have ever taken a bite of a cheeseburger or wrangled a latte while you were behind the wheel. According to reports from [...]

How To Spot Distracted Drivers Along Utah Roadways

Is Talking On The Phone While Driving Considered Distracted Driving In Utah? Can Police Pull You Over?

Have you ever been pulled over for talking on your cell phone? Is talking on the phone while driving considered distracted driving in Utah? There is a reason behind law enforcement’s strict policies regarding cell phone use. It can be very unsafe. Of course, everyone knows it is dangerous to use a cellphone while driving a vehicle and that it [...]