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The aftermath of an accident can feel like a dark hole. This difficult situation may seem impossible when the insurance company deliberately tries to confuse you and wear you out until you go away. Find out below how Siegfried & Jensen's automobile accident attorneys can help you.

Promises made need to be promises kept

Promises made need to be promises kept

You should hold your insurance company accountable for the promises it has made to you and your family. Very often, our clients are shocked and saddened by the way they’re treated after they’ve been in an accident. Just when you need your insurance company the most, its people seem to do nothing more than create delays, send confusing letters, and give answers that are anything but straight.


Why does this happen?

There is no downside for the insurance company to deny your claim. When this happens, and your claim is contested, you need a team of lawyers with the experience and the resources to go up against the insurance company. You do not have to accept being put in this position of disadvantage.  Fairness does not have to go away just because the insurance company is more interested in protecting its position than in protecting you.

You can get the support of a team of lawyers that understands what the insurance company is trying to do.  A trusted partner that will let you be part of the legal system that puts you back onto a level playing field. Please do not feel uncomfortable talking to us about your auto accident. You are simply standing up for your rights. You are not looking to do anything wrong or get money you don’t deserve.

Recovering from an accident is expensive. As we often tell our clients, “Your money doesn’t buy you a yacht.” We’ll be doing well if we recover what you need to restore your life. Restoring your life takes time and money. It also takes teamwork, a team of people you can depend on for support. Not just professional treatment and legal services, but the kind of support that only comes from true concern. We bring this level of concern, compassion, and understanding to every client we have the privilege to represent.

We never forget that as we work on your case, our stress level can never be as great as yours. What you are going through is far from easy. We never forget that by being there for you, we can provide support, strength, comfort and clarity that can ease some of the pain.


Let us help!

When you team up with us you can expect the best:

  • We’ll answer your questions, help you understand where you stand, and look at what we can do together to move forward.
  • We will not create unreasonable expectations.  We will not exaggerate the merits of your case, fill you up with false hope, or lead you to believe that something is going to happen that realistically can never take place.
  • When you talk to us, we will listen carefully and assess your situation.  We will draw on more than twenty years of experience, and the insight and the knowledge we have gathered from working on more than 20,000 injury claims.
  • We can help if you’ve been involved in a single vehicle accident, a multi-vehicle accident, a commercial vehicle accident, a drunk driving accident, or an accident where there has been catastrophic injury or even death.

They took such good care of me after my traumatic accident- making sure every medical bill was paid so all I had to do was try to get better. Everyone at the office was respectful and kind. I highly recommend them.

Laura McArthur

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I had an amazing experience!! They took care of everything I didn't have to worry about any of the medical bills or dealing with the insurance companies. They were very professional and I could trust them 100%. Siegfried & Jensen exceeded all of my expectations and I would recommend them to everyone who has been in an accident.

John Oberhansly

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Siegfried & Jensen was simply amazing when helping me take care of the mess of insurance/medical/and everything that went along with my horrible accident. They were great in every way possible.

Kelli Kallas

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What a wonderful experience I had with the very friendly and very professional staff of Siegfried & Jensen. After the auto accident they worked out all the details and took care of everything. They set us up with a rehab center and coordinated all the medical bills, I didn't have to worry about a thing.. After it was all said and done I even received a better than expected settlement. They did such a phenomenal job, I cant imagine trying to figure all those details out by myself, it would have been a daunting task.

Jamie Cox

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